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Our mission is to celebrate Life in all it’s diversity; to give recognition to the interconnectedness of all things;
to encourage healing, inspire creativity and provide enrichment through the arts.

Who We Are

The 21st century is an exciting time to be alive. Everyone is affected by the cross-cultural, multimedia exchange that's taking place, even those living in the most remote parts of the world. As a result, the way we define ourSelves is changing, evolving and this is reflected in the rich global tapestry that enriches our lives today.

My name is Melody Daniels and I founded Great Spirited Productions as a means of weaving together the diverse passions that give my Life meaning. Music, art, writing, photography, singing, acting, dancing - for me these expressions are a way of being. As an artist I'm continually striving to evolve, to find new and better ways to express mySelf and communicate with others.

I see Life as a continuous circle where everything is connected and interdependent. While I'm constantly seeking ways to explore my own potential, I'm also continually asking mySelf how I can support others in their journey towards fulfillment.


The Vision

We live on an amazing planet that's both rich and abundant, where there's plenty for everyone if we're willing to share. Every person has the potential to dream a better Life into being AND the power to contribute to the manifestation of someone else's dreams. The key to our survival is being co-creative, supporting one another in celebration of the things that unite us. I think that's the promise of the 21st century.

It's certainly our vision here at Great Spirited Productions!



I'm continually fascinated by the richness that lies within our diversity as a species. As a person of mixed heritage I've learned the importance of being open to our differences; as a traveler who's experienced numerous cultures firsthand, I've learned that what ultimately bridges those differences is our similarities.