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Published in the 2010 National Home Business Directory

"Careers from the Kitchen Table"

by Raven Blair Davis

2010 National Home Business Directory
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon

Kathleen never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. She viewed herself as an academic dedicated to an intellectual pursuit of knowledge that would define the world around her and enable her to inspire others to greatness.

In graduate school, however, she began to see herself as a fence sitter. While she enjoyed the rigors of academia, the rigidity of its structure made her desire a greater sense of creative autonomy. She felt stuck, unable to commit to either path.

Her first post-graduate position was university administrator, where she worked in an intrapreneurial atmosphere, (an environment where entrepreneurship is accepted within a structured organization). It was the perfect match for Kathleen, a place where her love of research and her ability to think outside the box were both encouraged and appreciated.

Lured by the promise of expanded opportunities, she then took a position at an established scientific institution where she encountered an entirely different approach. By contrast, it was a small organization, highly bureaucratized and ‘slow as molasses’. Although she was given the responsibility of making changes within the organization, the resistance she encountered prohibited her from doing so, to the extent that she was continuously harassed, threatened and bullied. After years of bucking the tide, of believing in the struggle, and in the face of deteriorating health and self-esteem Kathleen finally surrendered. Recognizing that she alone did not have the power to change the situation she quite literally began to pray. Every morning she recited the following: “I go forward in my career with a light heart, an open mind and the confidence to be fully present each day. May God be my inspiration, my integrity and my mentor!" With her Spirit restored, she then went on to address the remaining aspects of her life, including her next career move.

First she hired a professional coach who helped her discover her unique and hidden talents. Then she set about learning everything she could about entrepreneurship. With a burgeoning expertise she quickly became a much sought-after advisor to women and men seeking venture capital investments in the hopes of launching new technology companies. Exploring the needs of would-be entrepreneurs became a tool for learning and expanded her skill set. People embraced her calm, confident approach. She shared with them her philosophy of surrendering to what is, and then working towards the possibilities, and this eventually aligned within her the dream of having her own business.

But, ultimately, while satisfying, teaching people the art of entrepreneurship and empowering them with the ability to raise money for their companies, simply was not enough. Most of the people who came to Kathleen brought deeper issues to the table – they were seeking help in recovering from deeply challenging work or life situations, including bullying and abuse. She was being called back to her original vision of helping others move to greatness.

From all her years of teaching and training, Kathleen saw that she now clearly understood how to build confidence in others. She had tools to share that would teach them to communicate with power and authority; to set boundaries, to plan their own futures. And she could assist them in achieving their goals by helping them face injustice, to stand up to bullies, and to distinguish between the bullies and those who were just plain poor communicators.

Today Kathleen helps individuals and organizations create outstanding successes by establishing communication and team building best practices using psychology, sociology and business theory. Many who seek her guidance dream of developing their own companies, and find their confidence elevated by Kathleen’s gentle, insightful, motivational, and quantitative coaching style.

Kathleen has used her gifts of mind and spirit to empower hundreds of individuals while finding time to have a healthy marriage and three successful children. Today her children are off to college and beyond, and she and her husband share their spare time writing, learning and loving life.

Kathleen’s Recipe for Success:

Align your unique talents with your career choices.

Don’t stay in situations that drain your confidence and self-esteem.

There are endless grand opportunities available to you.

Hire a coach who understands your big dream and your work style.

Be prepared to create your business dream and then re-create it. As you evolve, so too will your goals.

Work every day of the week but take time to recreate (or re-create) every weekend.

Challenge your limits by taking on goals you never dreamed were possible.

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