Charanga music traditionally features flute, violin, piano, timbales, congas, bass, guiro and vocals. However, our musical arrangements can be tailed to meet your specific needs. Whether its a small intimate gathering, a corporate event or a large-scale festival we can accommodate you.


Yamaha artist, Fay Roberts has been keeping the Cuban tradition alive for more than a decade now.  After traveling to Cuba where she studied traditional Charanga music with Richard Egues, of Orquesta Aragon fame, Fay returned to Los Angeles and founded Orquesta Charangoa. They've been gracing audiences with their joyous sounds ever since!


Yes, it's true... 2010 is almost here!!  Although it might seem a little early for resolutions, we're already intending a year of great musical adventures and plenty of dancing!  Join us as we set the trend on January 1st at the Granada.  In the meantime, stay tuned for holiday updates...

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