I was thrilled to purchase my first laptop a few weeks ago. After being chained to my desktop for so many years the whole idea of having a portable computer was exciting. I was certain it was going to simplify my life but, while choosing the right computer was relatively easy, little did I know I was about to be faced with a much more complicated decision and one of monumental proportions.

The first thing one has to consider when being mobile with a laptop is how to transport it from point A to point B. There are now hundreds of cases on the market designed specifically for that purpose. It should be a relatively simple process of figuring out what your needs are, right? Wrong. Not if you happen to be a 5’1” petite-framed woman seeking comfort, practicality, a bit of style and a safe haven for her MacBook Pro.

I quickly came to realize that most bags on the market have been designed by and for medium to large-sized men. Sure, there are bags exclusively designed for women but the focus seems to be on style, not comfort and practicality. They look good but aren’t particularly practical for hauling around 6-10 lbs. worth of computer and accessories.

I did, however, finally come across a bag that excels in almost every area, the new Kinetik line by Logitech.

These bags are extraordinary. They offer superb protection for your computer, they’re durable, lightweight, abundant with storage compartments, and they’re stylish. The line consists of two different styles: a briefcase and a backpack. Both have a sleek black design that is unobtrusive and are contrasted on the inside with a deep sunset orange. This makes it very easy to see the multiple storage pockets that are available to accommodate pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Kinetik line is the fleece-lined pocket positioned in the center of the bag that holds your laptop. There’s ample padding both underneath and on both sides of the pocket, and it’s flanked by additional sectional compartments that not only give you added storage but extra protection as well. Many bags on the market are lacking when it comes to adequate protection against the bumps and knocks of everyday life.

The overall quality of craftsmanship in the Kinetik line is superior to anything I’ve seen, and the exo-shell casing pretty much guarantees that these bags are built to last. However, for small-framed people they’re still a little bulky for everyday use. I’d like to challenge Logitech to go back to the drawing board and use their innovative design skills to expand the line. How about a bag specifically designed for small-framed adults, teenagers and younger students. Maybe one with a little less storage space for daily use and another one geared towards students that could accommodate large textbooks. It’s just a thought, albeit a selfish one. Note to Logitech: Call me if you need a test monkey.

Written by Melody Daniels 2008

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