Our intention here is to share some links and resources that we find uplifting and inspirational.
You don't have to be rich or famous to make a difference in this world. A simple gesture can go a long way. A kind word of encouragement, even a friendly smile can change a Life. Never underestimate the power of the ripple effect.

First Nations people view Life as a circle where everything shares relevance and connection. In the Lakota language there is an expression, "Mitakuye Oyasin", which honours the significance of those connections. It means "We are all related" or "All my Relations."


We Are All Related


We gift ourSelves when we give to others. It reminds us that we are purposeful. The most valuable gift of all, the one gift that keeps on giving is Joy. We encourage you to find yours. After all, as the song says "When you're smiliin', when you're smilin', the whole world smiles with you."

Know someone who's out of work? Invite them over for dinner; Buy them some groceries; Put some gas in their car. And don't forget: hugs recharge everyone's battery.

You Can Make a Difference
Make a donation to the charity of your choice. Find volunteer opportunities in your area.
Search engine that supports the charity of your choice very time you use it!
Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn.
A movement of people committed to making sure that no child in America is hungry.
Remember your first book? Make a difference in the life of a child.

Get Involved

We love the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, who represent all points of the globe, including Alaska, North, South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Their global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth is an honouring of our diversity.

How will we survive without oil? Find out how the people of Cuba faced the challenge. An inspiring film that demonstrates how we can adapt, and teaches us that community gardens can be a source of both nourishment and empowerment!

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Watch the film here

Have Fun!
A great JOY resource. 1000 awesome things that will uplift and inspire you and put a smile on your face. What more could you ask for?
Enquiring minds want to know. You name it, they'll tell you how it works!

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LITERACY is an issue near and dear to our hearts.
If you can read and write, all kinds of doors can open for you.


Knowledge is power. Literacy is the key that unlocks the door.



Read a book today

Literacy can change the world

Discover the International Children’s Digital Library whose mission is to excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community – children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online.


The International Children's Digital Library
Encouraging tolerance and respect for diversity